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Build An Industry-Leading Culture

Harness Cutting-Edge AI from MIT to Measure Culture, Foster Desired Behavior, and Drive Results

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What cultural values are most crucial to your business results? How, very concretely, can you foster them in your organization?

AI That Works

Our state-of-the-art cultural measurement technology from MIT makes sense of culture more accurately than a human and is used by researchers at leading universities across the world.


All engagements overseen by leading thinkers publishing the latest research on culture, who also have years of experience consulting for the top teams of Fortune 500 companies.

CultureX Measured the Cultures of Over 500 Leading Companies

Build A Better Culture

Whether Your Organization Is Living Up To Its Stated Values

Where Culture Is Falling Short In Your Organization

Drivers of Values that Matter Most To Your Organization

And Validate Your Employer  Brand

To Multitudes of Employees In an Organized Way

Your Culture Against Best-In-Class Organizations

How Your Culture Is Evolving Over Time

New Problems In the Bud

The Cultural Fit of Potential Partners and Acquisitions

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