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What Companies Mean By Customer Centric

We analyzed official "Our Values"-type documents from 521 companies who were recently in the S&P 500. Here is what some of them had to say about Customer Centric

“Leaders start with the customer and work backwards. They work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsess over customers.”

Boston Consulting Group, from "Values" 

“We measure our success by our clients’ success. We make all of our resources available to our clients and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to their success. We seek to identify our clients’ real needs, not just deliver good work. In trade-offs between BCG’s and a client’s interest, the client comes first.”

Intel, from "Intel's Values" 

“Intel's concept of customer orientation goes beyond conducting business in the marketplace. It's absolutely crucial that we listen and respond to our team members within Intel in a cooperative and supportive manner. We listen and respond to our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders; clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectations; deliver innovative and competitive products and services; make it easy to work with us; and excel at customer satisfaction.”

FedEx, from "Shared Values" 

“Our absolutely, positively spirit puts our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

IBM, from "Values"

“IBMers are passionate about building strong, long-lasting client relationships. This dedication spurs us to go "above and beyond" on our client's behalf. We are focused on outcomes. We sell products, services and solutions to help our clients succeed, however they measure success.


We demonstrate this personal dedication to every client, from the largest corporation and government agency to the smallest organization. No matter where they work, we have a role in client success. It requires the full spectrum of IBM expertise.”

McDonald's, from "McDonald's Values" 

“Our customers are the reason for our existence. We demonstrate our appreciation by providing them with high quality food and superior service, in a clean, welcoming environment, at a great value. Our goal is QSC&V for each and every customer, each and every time.”

General Motors, from "What We Value" 

“We put the customer at the center of everything we do. We listen intently to our customers’ needs. Each interaction matters. Safety and quality are foundational commitments, never compromised.”

Under Armour, from "Team Values" 

“Live at the center of the consumer’s life.”

Barclays Capital, from "Our Values" 

“We put our clients and customers at the center of what we do. Take the time to understand clients’ and customers’ needs, regardless of my role. Always strive to surpass clients’ and customers’ expectations.”

Cognizant Technology Solutions, from "Core Values" 

“The Customer is Our True North. Our customers’ delight powers our success and exceeding customer expectations is our belief. No matter how big or small a project is, it will be delivered with the highest quality. Every associate knows that the customer is why we are here and that we place unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.”

Cox Communications, from "Our Values are the Bedrock" 

“The customer experience matters. They are our lifeblood, and we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with them and meeting their needs with high-quality service.”

“We earn our clients' trust by placing them at the core of our organization. We deliver true value by understanding and serving our clients' needs best. We strive to pursue mutually beneficial client relationships in which the value created is shared fairly”

RBC, from "Values

“We will always earn the right to be our clients’ first choice”

“Together, we create value for our customers. We must work in concert with our colleagues to ensure that all our contributions add value for the customer. We have a customer perspective; we always try to understand their needs; we create products and services of lasting quality that delight them in unexpected ways.”

Victoria's Secret, from "Values

“Everything we do must begin and end with an insatiable drive to anticipate and fulfill our customers’ desires.”

“We love running great restaurants and our customers rule. We act with urgency to ensure every customer sees it and feels it in every restaurant”

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