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What Companies Mean By Integrity

We analyzed official "Our Values"-type documents from 521 companies who were recently in the S&P 500. Here is what some of them had to say about Integrity.

Trader Joe's, from "Culture" 

“We behave with integrity—we treat others as we would like to be treated.”

Catholic Health Initiatives, from "Core Values" 

“Moral wholeness, soundness, fidelity, trust, truthfulness in all we do.”

“Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.”

Aetna, from "Aetna Values" 

“Do the right thing for the right reason.”

FedEx, from "Shared Values" 

“Our absolutely, positively spirit puts our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

Aflac, from "Values"

“Integrity means doing the right thing, all the time. It involves doing business the right way—not necessarily the easy way. Integrity guides each of us in our daily business activities, and helps us to make the right decisions when representing our Company.”

Spectrum, from "Business Ideals" 

“We act honestly and ethically at all times. We always do what’s right.”

Costco Wholesale, from "Code of Ethics" 

“The law is irrefutable! Absent a moral imperative to challenge a law, we must conduct our business in total compliance with the laws of every community where we do business.”

Progressive Insurance, from "Core Values" 

“We revere honesty. We adhere to high ethical standards, provide timely, accurate and complete financial reporting, encourage disclosing bad news and welcome disagreement.”

Procter & Gamble, from "Our Values" 

“We always try to do the right thing. We are honest and straightforward with each other. We operate within the letter and spirit of the law. We uphold the values and principles of P&G in every action and decision. We are data-based and intellectually honest in advocating proposals, including recognizing risks.”

Genentech, from "Our Values" 

“Integrity means we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.”

Boston Consulting Group, from "Values" 

“Integrity means distinguishing right from wrong and doing the right thing. We represent our capabilities honestly. We observe appropriate confidentiality of client information. We do not misrepresent our purposes in seeking information. We only make promises we can keep. We take the time to consider our actions and ask whether we can defend them openly today and tomorrow.”

ExxonMobil, from "Values" 

“Our company actively promotes respect for human rights and is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.”

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