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What Companies Mean By Respect

We analyzed official "Our Values"-type documents from 521 companies who were recently in the S&P 500. Here is what some of them had to say about Respect.

Aflac, from "Values" 

“As Aflac employees, we must treat everyone we encounter with the same respect and care that we would expect from them. Our founders said, ‘No one is bigger in our eyesight.’ Today, it is just as important to make that commitment—to act with respect and care for our stakeholders and our Company.”

“When the actions of some cause others to feel intimidated, offended, or to lose dignity, all of us suffer. We must treat each other courteously and professionally. We insist on a positive work environment and speak out if that goal is compromised by anyone.”

Windstream, from "Our Values" 

“Serve others. Cultivate a climate of dignity, trust, and respect for all. Talk to people, not about them. Consider others’ opinions equal to your own.”

ISS Facility Services, from "Leadership Principles" 

“Have you ever had a teacher in school who never yelled, but who everybody respected? There’s a good chance that the teacher showed a natural authority and combined it with a deep respect for the students. That’s exactly the leader you want to be: eye to eye with your employees but with a birds-eye view of the road ahead.”

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., from "Shared Values" 

“There are no second-class citizens – everyone is important and everyone's job is important”

Verizon, from "Core Values"

“We know it is critical that we respect everyone at every level of our business. We champion diversity, embrace individuality and listen carefully when others speak.”

Home Instead Senior Care, from "The Home Instead Way" 

“We treat our clients with dignity and respect, as we do our own family. We we are interested in their lives and want to help them to remain living in their own homes where they feel most happy and comfortable.”

Catholic Health Initiatives, from "Core Values" 

“Profound respect and awe for all of creation, the foundation that shapes spirituality, our relationships with others and our journey to God.”

Harris Teeter, from "Our Core Values" 

“We treat all with dignity and value the opinions and perspectives of others.”

“We provide a work environment that is free of all forms of unlawful harassment and discrimination. Respecting one another and valuing our differences is a core value of our culture. All of our employees should feel secure, involved, valued and respected.”

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