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Culture Diagnostic

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State of the Art

Cultural Measurement

Use Existing Data to Understand Culture

- Consolidate free-text data from engagement surveys, employee reviews, exit surveys, CultureX pulse surveys, and other data sources to help you see the big picture

AI Developed at MIT

Used by top researchers at leading universities across the world

Measure Any Cultural Dimension of Interest

- Leverage CultureX's cutting-edge AI to assess how your organization is doing on over 80 dimensions of culture

- CultureX can study custom cultural topics with tailored company language

Benchmark with Precision

- Benchmark your organization against current rivals, potential competitors and companies with the best cultures

- CultureX has studied the cultures of hundreds of the largest companies driving the global economy

Identify Pockets of Excellence, Challenge Areas

- Highlight which teams, departments, and functions are pockets of cultural excellence and which are lagging in key areas

- Surface red flags about behavior related to discrimination and low integrity, compare them to industry norms, and pinpoint solutions

Pinpoint Exactly How to Improve, and Improve

- Identify high-impact, concrete ways to address cultural challenges

- We recommend evidence-based interventions that you can take to shape employee behavior and improve your culture

- We work with your team to digest the findings and craft a compelling case for action

Track Culture Over Time

- Conduct follow-on diagnostics to track progress


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