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Culture Fit Assessment

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83% of M&As Do Not Boost Shareholder Returns ~ KPMG Study

Culture Is the #1 Most Consistently Challenging Integration Issue ~ KPMG Survey of Executives

Culture Is the #2 Reason Acquisitions Fail, behind integration delays ~ Aon Survey of Executives

More than Due Diligence

Easily Compare Cultures

- Consolidate free text data from engagement surveys, employee reviews, exit surveys, CultureX pulse surveys, and other data sources to compare multiple cultures

Validate Compatibility 

with Accuracy and Ease

State of the Art Cultural Measurement

- Assess where cultures are aligned, and where there are gaps, across more than 80 cultural dimensions, and see which ones matter the most

- Pinpoint opportunities for maximum synergy

Find the Best Way Forward

- We recommend evidence-based interventions you can take to improve cultural fit after the merger happens

- We work with your team to digest the findings and help make important decisions 

- Build the strongest case you can for moving forward

At a tiny fraction of the cost of an acquisition, get validation that it is a good cultural fit.  


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