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Announcing CultuROI: Harness AI to Optimize Your Culture for Maximum Value Creation

Corporate culture is crucial to achieving a company's strategic priorities, revenue growth, innovation, or providing integrated customer solutions. 92% of CEOs and CFOs think culture drives value creation, and 55% consider it one of the top three most important drivers in their company. But culture differs across different parts of an organization, it is difficult to measure, and it is hard to link to KPIs and outcomes. How can leaders harness the power of corporate culture to achieve their objectives? 


CultuROI, the new offering from CultureX, tackles the challenge of creating a great culture in a groundbreaking way. Rather than approaching culture with a one size fits all methodology, CultureX looks at KPIs that matter the most to business leaders—including shareholder returns, revenue growth, customer and employee NPS—and uses AI to determine what the key cultural drivers of this success are. CultureX determines what your “best culture” is in granular terms, grounded in specific behaviors, attitudes, and values.


Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) AI developed at MIT, CultureX takes streams of free text data from any existing sources (e.g. customer reviews and exit-survey feedback) and gleans cultural insights from them. This enables real-time monitoring of the culture, alerting business leaders to warning signs that it is breaking down before they feel it in the KPIs that matter most. CultureX suggests specific intervention points to correct the problem.


With CultuROI, HR leaders can focus their time and energy on initiatives that will impact their bottom line the most, and measure their returns on their new approach. CultureX can also surface worrying behavior in the company, like low integrity and discrimination, before it escalates into a more serious problem. And among other use cases, the AI was developed to assess which employees are at risk of exiting the company and identify their pain points. CultuROI is good for employees, too. It tracks engagement and suggests the highest-impact ways to keep employees happy and focused at the company: an essential part of most paths to high value creation. 


With cutting-edge AI developed at MIT, advisory experience used by dozens of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, as well as a proven track record of thought leadership featured in Harvard Business Review and The Economist, CultureX is uniquely well positioned to help corporate leaders enter the AI age of business.