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The most AI-mazing survey

Some surveys offer text as an afterthought.

For us, it's the main course.

What does that mean for you?

It's a lot quicker for people to fill out. It takes 5 minutes.

If your old survey took 30 minutes, this one would save 1 person work week per 100 employees.

You get much richer data for your dollar.


Going from a 1 to 5 point scale to text is like going from greyscale to color. Enter the next dimension of surveys.

 Integration required with HR systems

Fully GDPR compliant

Supports 200+ languages

The big picture revealed

What is your culture?

  • What do employees say are your biggest strengths and challenge areas?

  • What is being talked about the most in your company?

  • What are people most passionate about in your company?


The answer might surprise you.

If you already know the answers to the big questions, great. But if there's any doubt, give the culture methodology that listens to employees' words a try. You can't get these answers from a 1 to 5 point scale survey.

Spot problems early


Some issues you want to know about right away



We pick up on subtle language hints

Our AI is trained on millions of employee reviews and it knows how people really speak. It will watch out for slang, new terms that are emerging with the news cycle, and misspellings.

You might have a problem. This will let you know.


Find out who might leave and why

  • We pinpoint groups at risk of leaving and spot the patterns that drive their thinking before they make any big decisions.

  • What don't they like about the company?

  • What do they feel most passionately about?

  • What do their peers like about the company that they do not?

Easily get all the answers

Read their reviews to see exactly what is on their minds.

If you want, you can start anonymous conversations with at-risk employees to investigate further.

And, of course, you can see how engagement breaks down for the whole company, not just those at risk of leaving.

Stop them on their way out


We measure more than 70 cultural topics.

They are organized around these 9 big values, synthesized from extensive research of academic and managerial literature, that are empirically linked to corporate success.

We know culture.


We illuminate it.


Isn't it time you tracked culture like you track every other pillar of your company?

  • Browse through what your employees are saying about over 70 culture topics over time

  • Is it on their mind, and in a good or a bad way?

  • See how different groups vary over time

  • Perfect for measuring culture change initiatives

  • We identify trends you might be interested in, or you can browse

A lot can change in a year

Our 5 min survey is so lightweight it can be administered regularly without fatigue.

Try it out a few times a year to get real-time information without burdening employees.

Measure what matters over time

  • Offices

  • Functions

  • Genders

  • Races and ethnicities

  • Ages and generations

  • Tenure at company

  • Pre-merger vs post-merger

  • Any other groups 



See how different groups compare

Group breakdown
and compare



For up to 6 groupings, compare how engaged they are, what matters to them the most, what language they are using, what they feel most passionate about, and more.

There's plenty to browse

We spot interesting patterns that you will want to know about.



Hear what they're most passionate about.

You learn a little if someone rates something highly on a 1 to 5 point scale. You learn more if they actively say that they like something, volunteering the information. And you learn even more if they say say they “adore” it.

Our AI is trained on millions of real-life employee reviews and knows how to recognize intense language. We’ll show you which employees are talking passionately about what, and you can read reviews to learn why they care so much.

See where the intense language is, and learn why they care so much

Gauge intensity


We’ll show you outlier groups you’ll be interested in

Spot pockets of excellence and concern



See exactly what language they use

We show you what words and phrases your employees are using to talk about your company, and point out where the language is unique.

Know how to talk the talk

Craft a mission statement that resonates with employees, or use unique positive phrases as building blocks for your employer brand. When you know what language your employees use, things go more smoothly.

In their own words




Pursue your interests with tailored pulse surveys


Our flagship survey gathers an abundance of data in 5 minutes, but if you are interested in learning more about any topic you can send employees a pulse survey.

We can help you craft the survey questions and then we’ll send it out quickly

We have many templates for greatest hits pulse surveys to get you started.

Surveys with a pulse



Especially today, it is important to create a workplace that works for women.

Understand how women see your culture differently than men, monitor important gaps, spot where you’ve got problems, and hear what distinct language women are using.


We can also make dashboards for other groups.

Women's Dashboard



Want to learn more? Just ask employees.

They can opt in to share their email with us, and if they do we’ll anonymously pass messages between you.

You’re informed, they’re protected.

We make protections clear to the employees at every interaction, and have robust safeguards for their anonymity.

Anonymous conversations