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How does our technology work?

AI in Action

When we say our AI is over 90% accurate, we mean that when it codes a string of words into a topic— say “kind hearted managers” into “friendly” — it is right over 90% of the time, as judged by independent human coders. Our AI will identify more correct terms in a review than a typical native English speaker with an MBA from Harvard or Wharton.

Here's how it reads this review

How our AI works

Using machine learning and NLP, we developed a vast dictionary of terms trained on millions of real-life employee reviews that captures how employees actually write, complete with specific jargon, idioms, slang, and mispellings. Our AI goes through sentences, and when the dictionary triggers it will flag a term from that sentence, which is associated with over 70 cultural topics that correspond to our Big 9 cultural values: agility, collaboration, customer orientation, execution, inclusivity, innovation, integrity, performance, and respect. 

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