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Protecting Our Users

At CultureX, our single highest priority is ensuring that no harm ever comes to a respondent from writing a review. 

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How CultureX Works


Sensitive Data Untraceable

Bosses Can't See

No one will know you wrote the review

For sensitive matters, we have special, ironclad safeguards to protect your identity

Your boss cannot see what his or her team wrote

So please feel free to give a candid employee review. That will help everyone the most.

For almost all of our platform, your identity is not even an issue. 

CultureX works by reading your review with AI and providing descriptive data of large data sets, like saying what percentage of employees cited “innovation” terms across the whole company. 


For the most part, the data from your review will only be seen in aggregate form, and your identity will never come into question.

No one can identify who wrote reviews

People from your company will have the opportunity to read your review, but they will not have enough information to identify you personally. 


If the group is small enough, they will not have even this much identifying information. They will not be able to read reviews sorted by supervisor. They will only be able to see aggregate numbers about your supervisor’s team and, even then, only if enough members of your team submit reviews. 

If you say something sensitive, we protect it vigorously.

If you cite a problem related to integrity, honesty, sexism, POC issues, LGBTQ issues, ageism, religious tolerance, specially abled issues, illegal behavior, or another issue we identify as being particularly sensitive in your company, we will know about it, and we will treat it as a special case. 


A professional at CultureX with no affilation to your company will go through your review, remove all of the information related to the problem, and turn it into its own separate review. This special review will have even less identifying information than the previous one, making it impossible for anyone to ever guess who wrote it.  

You can say more, but you don't have to.

If you want to share more, you have the option to provide us your email address. That way, if someone from your company wants to initiate an anonymous conversation with you, they can.


This conversation will go through us, and your identity will never be revealed. They will never see your email address. You can stop the conversation at any time without any consequences whatsoever. 


For anonymity, we recommend providing a personal email address that your company will not be able to monitor. 

Your protection is our top priority.

Protecting respondents is our single highest priority at CultureX, so please, feel free to answer candidly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact