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What is your company's culture?

To get a good answer, you're going to need to ask employees

How do you ask them?

They have some idea. How do you find out?

There is the traditional approach.

We found another way.

We call the first approach TELL. 

Because you tell respondents what you're interested in and get their response. 

And our approach LISTEN.

You ask for their response

Drown in data

No explanation for rating

Answer on auto-pilot

Survey fatigue

Lengthy surveys


Infrequently administered

They say what matters

We pinpoint what's important

Read answers for context

Have to engage

Easy to answer

Real time results

Quick surveys

allow for

Returning to the original question

What is your company's culture?


Our culture scores 72% on A 67% on B, 48% on C, 54% on D, 83% on E, 73% on F, 75% on G, 83% on H, 43% on I, 65% on J, 49% on K, 54% on L, 64% on M, 82% on N, 45% on O, 79% on P, 68% on Q, 45% on R, 53% on S, 63% on T, 72% on U, 83% on V, 74% on W, 66% on X, 81% on Y, and 78% on Z.



Too long

What does this data tell me?


According to most employees, our key strengths are P and X, and we have work to do on K.





Leading Technology

Until very recently, it was not technologically possible to understand what large numbers of employees said with free text.

With cutting-edge AI from MIT, CultureX is the only company with the natural language processing technology to do this.

Our AI

Unlimited voices, heard and understood


More than 90% accurate

Over 70 cultural topics coded

200+ languages

Picks up on idioms, intensity, and misspellings


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See what our AI listening approach offers.

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